Goodbye Twenties!



Woop Woop! Last day of my twenties, and how shall I celebrate? By spending the day on the sofa, watching netflix and eating pizza? Noooo!

When I look back I’ve had some wonderful experiences…

  1. Bought a house! yeah it’s now a mess, the garden has returned to its “natural state”, the inside is covered in cat hair and people keep falling over on the front path, but it’s mine!
  2. Travelled from the UK to New Zealand and back 7 times! Ughh the memories of those flights (love NZ).
  3. Dated, got engaged and then married to a lovely, hairy, wannabe-rockstar who has been awesome over the last 10 years
  4. Got to know some wonderful family and friends, before we had to say goodbye (love you all, wherever you are now)
  5. Graduated from uni as a mechanical engineer, gone into a career not really using my degree at all but still managed to become chartered last year (hooray!)
  6. Visited Lithuania, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Italy, Austria, Germany, Scotland (woo!), Singapore, Australia, NZ, Wales (double woo!), Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic!
  7. Bought and cared for two cats, who are the most naughty, pesky creatures that you will ever meet – but I love them to bits.
  8. Finally (!) after years of dieting actually lost the weight I wanted to, and maintained it! (although pregnancy is now impacting that quite a lot!)
  9. Managed to get to 18 weeks pregnant (today!)… through the rollercoaster of IVF – and can now properly feel the little moving about!
  10. Met some awesome people, and established some amazing friendships that I’m sure will last my lifetime.

I’m not sad about turning 30 – I’m excited about what the next 10 years will bring… although if anyone dares call me 30 I can’t be held accountable for my actions!

turning 30



One thought on “Goodbye Twenties!

  1. Happy birthday! I’ll be doing the same in 11 weeks Eee! And by then I’ll be 23 weeks! God over halfway, that will be weird! 20s ✔️ house, husband, travel, baby ✔️✔️✔️✔️ clocked it!

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