Lentil excitement!

Spent the weekend with my lovely family celebrating my not-so-little sister’s 27th birthday. Below is a picture of us all in Wales having a lovely time on top of a hill! (It was quite chilly!) It was the first time I had seen my mum since the BFP from our IVF, so she was very … More Lentil excitement!

Poppy seed !!!!

We got the wonderful news this morning that I am pregnant! Our main response so far has been “eeeeeeeeeeeek”, “aaaah!!” and “wowweee!”. To be honest finding it hard not to think I am dreaming at the moment! I may have caved and did an early test yesterday (which would have been 10 days past 5 … More Poppy seed !!!!

Blastocyst on board

Yesterday morning at 10:35 we officially became the proud guardians of one teeny tiny blastocyst. The procedure of embryo transfer was so so easy compared to everything else we have been through to get here, I was surprised at how quick it was! I was giggling the whole way through – due to happiness, and the … More Blastocyst on board

The wonderous world of post egg collection side effects

Disclaimer: the below is me having a bit of a moan. I’ve figured I’ve got one free pass 🙂 4 days past egg collection and I’m currently cycling through the below: “oh I feel fine, that’s great!” “groan I feel bloated and why do my ovaries hate me?” “oh I feel fine again, it must be … More The wonderous world of post egg collection side effects

Hurdle no.6 – day 17 scan… stage 1 complete!

Good news – today’s scan showed 6 follicles in the “mature” range (14-18mm) with three right at 17/18mm, and another 5 follicles just out of range at around 13mm. With a lining at 11.1mm and a oestrogen level of 3000+ that means that we are all go for Monday morning and egg collection! Fingers crossed that … More Hurdle no.6 – day 17 scan… stage 1 complete!