Evil Tomatoes

After spending last week more or less feeling sick constantly, my body kindly gave me Sunday off! I felt fine, 100%, back to my normal self – fully functioning and ready to party (well, almost!). But could I enjoy it? No of course not! Cue the worrying about a missed miscarriage, the googling about what it … More Evil Tomatoes

Blueberry Cravings

Haha I wish that my cravings were that healthy! Now 7 weeks pregnant, embryo is size of blueberry with teensie tiny feet and the start of fingers and toes. One slight downside of this week is that pregnancy nausea has kicked in big time. A couple of slots during the day – 5am to 7am, … More Blueberry Cravings

Lentil excitement!

Spent the weekend with my lovely family celebrating my not-so-little sister’s 27th birthday. Below is a picture of us all in Wales having a lovely time on top of a hill! (It was quite chilly!) It was the first time I had seen my mum since the BFP from our IVF, so she was very … More Lentil excitement!