Shows how close we are now (34 and a half weeks! eek!) – our NCT classes have finally started! NCT is the National Childbirth Trust – – and they do classes in the UK for first time parents. Its not cheap – about £230 per couple in our area, but we’ve had quite a … More NCT

Work Curveball

I like my current job HOWEVER there is a downside – and that’s the need to travel. I am Continuous Improvement Manager for my company, which is 5 sites in the UK. That means that I “should” visit each site at least every 2 months – plus do a load of european travel. I’ve only had … More Work Curveball

Fur babies

Our little bump (only 8 weeks to go now, eeek!) has two older brothers, and I thought it was about time to talk about them in my blog 🙂 They are my two not-so-little fur babies, Hendrix and Gilmour! (named after me and my husbands love of rock music). Now these two are THE most … More Fur babies