Last Christmas

This was our last christmas, fingers crossed, as DINKYs (double income no kids yet). We went up to my parents house in Chester, in the north west of england, and spent a lovely few days up there with the family. My parents bought us a beautiful moses basket and stand for the little one when … More Last Christmas

Little Scare

Spoiler alert – everything is fine (thank goodness!!), also TMI warning! Do not read on if you are squeamish about ladies bits. Over the last two weeks I have been getting substantially more┬ádischarge. Really watery and LOADS of it (mega yuck!). On a couple of days it was enough to need me to change underwear … More Little Scare


Week 13 – End of first trimester! Wahoo! Advice which I would now love to give to┬áme-from-10-weeks-ago: Carry a sick bag around with you. ALWAYS. BUY TONNES OF GAVISCON!! (other heartburn remedies are available) Do not be afraid to throw up in public. People really don’t pay much attention / care. Employ partner / husband … More Milestone