Most of the time I love people. But sometimes they are really bl**dy annoying and insensitive! This week I seem to have been targeted somehow, and heard more of these comments than EVER before. To vent my frustration, and maybe share a smile or two with others who have heard similar, below is a list of my … More Comments

Added Benefits

Someone the other day was asking me about IVF – what its like, what to expect etc etc. I wanted to be truthful – so I told her it is a tough emotional rollercoaster where you’ll be up one minute and down the other. I warned her that it takes over your life, it’s unlikely to … More Added Benefits

Pin cushion

    This week has been injections and blood tests galore. Got a huge piece of evidence of all the tests on my arm, which although fairly painless has gained a lot of attention and has resulted in lots of cups of decaff coffee made for me at work… always a bonus. Pregnancy sickness has … More Pin cushion