To my Angels

*trigger warning The last week has been one of the toughest yet. The tears, grieving and tiny bit of hope mixed in has literally done my head in. Scan today confirmed the worst after my suspected missed miscarriage last week… our little embryo died at about 6 weeks but my body just hasn’t realised it … More To my Angels


Scan at 6 weeks 3 days. Gestational sack… tick. Yolk sack… tick. However the lady doing the scan couldn’t see the embryo or a heartbeat. Nada. Nothing. Flatline. I don’t really remember anything the nurse said after that. Something about the gestational sack being a bit small for 6 weeks but it didn’t sink in. … More Flatline


Gaaaaaah! I can be such a stresshead sometimes. Every single minute I am comparing pregnancy symptoms now to what I was experiencing at this stage last time…. every. single. minute…!!!! It doesn’t help that there are loads of things going on at the moment… Works sucks..! Yes truly and more than usual. Grievances being raised, … More Stress

eeek! Poppy seed!

Don’t really have words to describe what I’m feeling! Officially 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Eeeeek! Can’t really let myself feel it yet…. doesn’t even feel real. Fingers, toes and all limbs crossed for viability scan and a teeny tiny heartbeat on the 18th July… It’s so strange how the IVF process lets you … More eeek! Poppy seed!

Embryo on board

Wow time has flown! I’ve managed to survive the treatment side of this FET cycle – the injections, tablets, pessaries and enormous mood swings! On top of that, work has been hellish and it has been SO FREAKIN HOT! Therefore I’m officially awarding myself with a medal (made of chocolate, naturally) for getting to this … More Embryo on board


Agh I hate the buggers! I thought my last round of treatment had cured me of my fear, but nope, yesterday was the first day of busrelin injections and it took me about 20 minutes of umming, ahhing, hesitating, re-reading the instructions and faffing before I finally managed to buck up the courage to stick … More Needles

Here we go…

Today I had my assessment scan, to check things out before we have our meeting with the consultant next week. Walking into the IVF clinic was the weirdest thing ever. Remembering that the last time I was there I was half convinced I’d never ever be a mother… and realising that this place made my dreams come … More Here we go…

Ding Ding! Round 2

How am I feeling? A good mix of scared & excited at the moment… and nothing really has happened yet! Well, I say nothing has happened – we’ve made the decision that we are ready to start IVF again and try for a second child. While I was pregnant, and after having our son a lot … More Ding Ding! Round 2