here we go again!

I haven’t posted in a little while – mainly because I was IN SHOCK, and secondarily because it was Christmas & New Year and absolutely manically busy!! I’ll explain a bit more why I was IN SHOCK (yes, yes, it needs the capitals!) below…

My last post was about our rollercoaster time before doing the pregnancy test after my FET with my last(!) frozen embryo and finding out we were pregnant. After that I did my best to try not to get excited, try not to think about the future as my last FET ended in miscarriage. Trying, trying, trying but failing! (kinda obviously!).

Then – disaster. I went back to work for my last week before becoming a stay at home mum, just before Christmas. On my last day, at about 07:30am, I had a strange pain in my stomach and went to the toilet – only to discover I was bleeding… a lot.

I was just devastated, drove home in floods of tears and fortunately my dad and sister were visiting so they could look after my little boy while I spent the weekend trying to come to terms with what I was sure had happened. I called the IVF clinic who said that there was nothing they could do, and I just needed to wait until my 6.5 week scan which was the following Wednesday.

Fast forward to the Wednesday, heading to the IVF clinic with my hubby and son, convinced we were going just to find out the worst. And here is the reason I’m IN SHOCK (yes, definitely capitals) ….

All was good! Heartbeat strong, womb lining “perfect”, no evidence of the bleed at all. I still can’t believe it and it was 2 weeks ago! They had no idea what had caused the bleed, but could see no evidence of any ongoing problems.

The last two weeks since the scan I’ve been feeling so nauseous and throwing up so much from the pregnancy – hardly managed Christmas dinner, and had to frequently nap and ignore my family – but I just don’t care! My little miracle sprout managed to stay with me so far despite my body messing things up.

I’ve got my discharge scan tomorrow from the IVF clinic – they offered me an extra one “just in case” as I was so worried about the bleed. Hopefully once I get through tomorrow I’ll be able to relax and not worry so much – haha maybe not!

A massive happy new year to all out there who’ve I’ve befriended through my blog, or who are just curious and having a read. I really hope 2018 will be amazing for all of us xxx



2 thoughts on “here we go again!

  1. Yay for an update! Been wondering how things are with you. And whew! I’m so relieved that your m/c scare was just that—a scare. Praying for an uneventful next 7ish months for you mama! xx

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