Fertility Timeline

2007 – Summer

Diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) due to irregular cycles, was put on the 21 day birth control pill. Never thought anything of it or the impact on fertility

2009 – January

Got engaged to my boyfriend of 4 years, started to talk about kids

2011 – September

Got married, stopped taking the pill and starting ttc

2013 – October

After two years of no luck, and very irregular cycles, we found out I was 9 weeks pregnant as I kept needing to go to the toilet! No other pregnancy symptoms funnily enough. After 5 days of wonder I unfortunately miscarried.

2014 – January

Referred by our GP to the local NHS fertility specialist

2014 – April

First appointment at the NHS specialist – put on metformin and told to loose weight (I was quite a heavy lass!)

2015 – January

Over 3 stone lost and started my first of three cycles of clomid to help me ovulate (and therefore concieve!). No sperm tests done as yet. The scan and bloods during the first clomid round showed I had ovulated so we were very excited.

2015 – May

Three failed cycles of clomid, and had a HyfoSy which showed that my tubes are open. Hubby had sperm test at the same time showing lower than average count.

2015 – June

Told by the NHS specialist that the next step is IVF with ICSI, due to our fertility problems being both me and my PCOS and hubby and his low count. Unfortunately told that I do not quality for a cycle until January 2016 and I would only get one “go” at it on the NHS – decision made to go private!

2015 – August

First private IVF with ICSI round – and AMH tested for the first time which is shown to be high. Short protocol (also known as antagonist protocol) begins!

2015 – October

Positive result from IVF with ISCI (fresh cycle) – Pregnant! Baby Due June 2016, and 2 embryos in the freezer.

2016 – June

Baby Eddie born at 4:49am, healthy 8lb 4oz

2017 – February

Decision made to try for baby no.2 and re-start IVF

2017 – May

FET cycle begins!

2017 – July

Pregnant from FET but ends in heartbreak – silent miscarriage at 6-7 weeks

2017 – November

FET cycle with last frozen embryo begins!

2018 – January

Pregnant from FET! Baby due August 2018


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