here we go again!

I haven’t posted in a little while – mainly because I was IN SHOCK, and secondarily because it was Christmas & New Year and absolutely manically busy!! I’ll explain a bit more why I was IN SHOCK (yes, yes, it needs the capitals!) below… My last post was about our rollercoaster time before doing the … More here we go again!

Roller-coaster days

It starts by going up… Just like a roller-coaster, yesterday my day started with going up… lots of positivity. I felt so much better from my recent tummy bug, no sickness and was full of the joys of life! I did lots of exciting things – planned the food for our christmas party at the … More Roller-coaster days


AAAARGH!!!! Got a stupid stomach bug (or very unlikely early pregnancy sickness, currently 6 days past 5 day transfer from my FET) Reality of this (no matter what the cause) is that I can’t keep down my progynova so it looks fairly likely this cycle is going to end in failure. The little embryo inside … More Sick

the TART

Here I am… at the start of the two week (well, 12 day) wait of this cycle of IVF. Today I had my embryo transfer which went *thankfully* like clockwork. The little defrosted blastocyst looked as good as can be – so we’re in a good place for some positive thoughts. I hate the term … More the TART


Interesting experience at the IVF clinic today. I’m a week off my embryo transfer day (eek) and went in today for a progress scan to check the lining. My lining was deemed to be good (hooray!) at 13.5… somethings. Really should have asked! Millimeters I’m guessing 🙂 I, being the fool that I am, completely … More Consent

The “last time”

This might be the last time. That’s what I thought when I did my final injection for my previous FET back in June. That it might just be the last time I have to inject myself, the last time I worry about meeting that embryo, the last time I go through the two week wait, … More The “last time”


Since my last post there have been lots of quite exciting plans put in place, because I like a plan! My previous plan for a successful FET didn’t work out, but I’m ready for some new ones – so here comes plans C through F! I have HANDED IN MY NOTICE! Shock Horror! I have … More Plans

Back on the horse

After the failure of my FET through miscarriage, I spent the next couple of weeks essentially wanting to just lie in bed. I didn’t really want to do a single thing, and yet I went on holiday for two weeks to try and get away from it all…. and it worked, for a bit. However, … More Back on the horse


It’s all a bit of a mess. Physical stuff is a mess – We went on holiday for two weeks and I thought that maybe there were some magical house and garden cleaning fairies who would come when we were away… but no! Alas! they do not exist. Since both my hubby and me work … More Mess