Roller-coaster days

It starts by going up… Just like a roller-coaster, yesterday my day started with going up… lots of positivity. I felt so much better from my recent tummy bug, no sickness and was full of the joys of life! I did lots of exciting things – planned the food for our christmas party at the … More Roller-coaster days


Scan at 6 weeks 3 days. Gestational sack… tick. Yolk sack… tick. However the lady doing the scan couldn’t see the embryo or a heartbeat. Nada. Nothing. Flatline. I don’t really remember anything the nurse said after that. Something about the gestational sack being a bit small for 6 weeks but it didn’t sink in. … More Flatline


Gaaaaaah! I can be such a stresshead sometimes. Every single minute I am comparing pregnancy symptoms now to what I was experiencing at this stage last time…. every. single. minute…!!!! It doesn’t help that there are loads of things going on at the moment… Works sucks..! Yes truly and more than usual. Grievances being raised, … More Stress

eeek! Poppy seed!

Don’t really have words to describe what I’m feeling! Officially 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Eeeeek! Can’t really let myself feel it yet…. doesn’t even feel real. Fingers, toes and all limbs crossed for viability scan and a teeny tiny heartbeat on the 18th July… It’s so strange how the IVF process lets you … More eeek! Poppy seed!

Hello from hospital

BUT(!) before you get too excited… No baby yet! Been a bit of a drama over the last few days, so here’s my update… At 39+4 I had my “stretch and sweep” – essentially where the midwife sticks her fingers as far up you as possible (lovely!) and then rootles about to try and get … More Hello from hospital

39 weeks

39 weeks! Oh my goodness! Whaaaat?! haha… feeling slightly hysterical today. We are both ready and not ready at the same time. All the essential stuff is prepared – hospital bag for me and baby is packed and in the car; car seat is installed; nursery is done; baby clothes are washed, organised and ironed; … More 39 weeks


Shows how close we are now (34 and a half weeks! eek!) – our NCT classes have finally started! NCT is the National Childbirth Trust – – and they do classes in the UK for first time parents. Its not cheap – about Ā£230 per couple in our area, but we’ve had quite a … More NCT

Fur babies

Our little bump (only 8 weeks to go now, eeek!) has two older brothers, and I thought it was about time to talk about them in my blog šŸ™‚ They are my two not-so-little fur babies, Hendrix and Gilmour! (named after me and my husbands love of rock music). Now these two are THE most … More Fur babies


Most of the time I love people. But sometimes they are really bl**dy annoying and insensitive! This week I seem to have been targeted somehow, and heardĀ more of these comments than EVERĀ before. To vent my frustration, and maybe share a smile or two with others who have heard similar, below is a list of my … More Comments

Added Benefits

Someone the other day was asking me about IVF – what its like, what to expect etc etc.Ā I wanted to be truthful – so I told her it is a tough emotional rollercoaster where you’ll be up one minute and down the other. I warned her that it takes over your life, it’s unlikely to … More Added Benefits