Work, Work, Work?

Nearly everyone at work knows about my morning sickness, haha sorry pregnancy by now! My boss and the rest of the management team that I’m part of have known for a while, and I told my direct reports over the last two weeks or so. Had my first proper sick day due to this pregnancy on Monday … More Work, Work, Work?

Kung Fu Kid

10 weeks (eeek!) and had a private scan yesterday to try and squash some of my pregnancy fears. I was a complete bag of nerves waiting for the scan, which made my morning sickness worse (hooray!). I kept running to the loo to throw up which earned me some dodgy looks from the little old lady … More Kung Fu Kid


Apologies in advance – this post may be a trigger for some. 9 weeks pregnant… and a much anticipated week for me as this is the exact point that 2 years ago I miscarried. I keep thinking about that little life that I lost, that would have been 16 months or so by now, a big brother … More Memories