here we go again!

I haven’t posted in a little while – mainly because I was IN SHOCK, and secondarily because it was Christmas & New Year and absolutely manically busy!! I’ll explain a bit more why I was IN SHOCK (yes, yes, it needs the capitals!) below… My last post was about our rollercoaster time before doing the … More here we go again!

Roller-coaster days

It starts by going up… Just like a roller-coaster, yesterday my day started with going up… lots of positivity. I felt so much better from my recent tummy bug, no sickness and was full of the joys of life! I did lots of exciting things – planned the food for our christmas party at the … More Roller-coaster days

the TART

Here I am… at the start of the two week (well, 12 day) wait of this cycle of IVF. Today I had my embryo transfer which went *thankfully* like clockwork. The little defrosted blastocyst looked as good as can be – so we’re in a good place for some positive thoughts. I hate the term … More the TART


Gaaaaaah! I can be such a stresshead sometimes. Every single minute I am comparing pregnancy symptoms now to what I was experiencing at this stage last time…. every. single. minute…!!!! It doesn’t help that there are loads of things going on at the moment… Works sucks..! Yes truly and more than usual. Grievances being raised, … More Stress

eeek! Poppy seed!

Don’t really have words to describe what I’m feeling! Officially 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Eeeeek! Can’t really let myself feel it yet…. doesn’t even feel real. Fingers, toes and all limbs crossed for viability scan and a teeny tiny heartbeat on the 18th July… It’s so strange how the IVF process lets you … More eeek! Poppy seed!

Embryo on board

Wow time has flown! I’ve managed to survive the treatment side of this FET cycle – the injections, tablets, pessaries and enormous mood swings! On top of that, work has been hellish and it has been SO FREAKIN HOT! Therefore I’m officially awarding myself with a medal (made of chocolate, naturally) for getting to this … More Embryo on board

THAT question

When I think about the first 4 years of our marriage, there was always one question that we seemed to endlessly get from family, friends and random people in the supermarket – yes THAT question… “So when are you going to have a baby?” It generally made me feel like this… Of course, they didn’t … More THAT question

1 year blogiversary

Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has read or commented on my blog – believe me, I don’t think I would have survived the year without you. Both blogging and reading the blogs of other people going through similar experiences hasĀ helped me through what I think has been one of the toughest years … More 1 year blogiversary