Pregnancy Brain

Most people think of pregnancy brain as being forgetful, ditzy, silly, confused… and yes yes I am being all of those things – but the funniest thing about pregnancy brain so far (for me) is the worries and thoughts I have been having…. Can I cross dress my baby?… I went to a department store the … More Pregnancy Brain

Half Baked!

Now 20 weeks, and halfway there 🙂 Our little was really playing up during the anomaly scan, absolutely refusing to cooperate with the songrapher! Firstly little was on its side, so we couldn’t see anything. I got lots of jabbing with the scanner (which I am getting very used to by now!) and then finally … More Half Baked!

Goodbye Twenties!

  Woop Woop! Last day of my twenties, and how shall I celebrate? By spending the day on the sofa, watching netflix and eating pizza? Noooo! When I look back I’ve had some wonderful experiences… Bought a house! yeah it’s now a mess, the garden has returned to its “natural state”, the inside is covered in … More Goodbye Twenties!