Half Baked!

Now 20 weeks, and halfway there 🙂

Our little was really playing up during the anomaly scan, absolutely refusing to cooperate with the songrapher!

Firstly little was on its side, so we couldn’t see anything. I got lots of jabbing with the scanner (which I am getting very used to by now!) and then finally little turned slightly – only to put its hand on its face!


Another pummelling by the sonographer, and me jumping up and down – only to look back at the scan and little had its legs on its face!

babylegsgrapefruitConclusion: we already have a naughty sausage of a child!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having these weird feelings in my stomach, which I thought might be wind, but was hoping was little. The magical moment during the scan was seeing little kick me, and feeling the weird feeling at the same time – now I know thats what I can feel!

Little is about 6.5 inches long, but I’m still not really showing unless you peer very carefully at my stomach! I keep moaning that I want a bump, but I’m sure as one appears I will be moaning that I can’t fit into my clothes anymore… hehe.

Me and hubby decided to find out the gender, but only share with close family. It was so brilliant to find out, it makes everything feel much more real! My mum has literally squealing at me over the phone! We’ve got a new name options so we’re testing them all out now – super exciting.

Just hope that the next few weeks goes well, and bump starts to appear so I can stop feeling fat, and start feeling pregnant!


2 thoughts on “Half Baked!

  1. Ha just read this re your bump! Maybe it will just “pop out” one day! Haha isn’t that weird! 20 weeks man that seems miles away but actually only 6 weeks! Time is going so fast! Baby Mac was being naughty too at our scan, I had to jump around, touch my toes many many times! Cool that you found out the sex, I kind of want to but hubby doesn’t so think we are going to have a surprise!

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    1. That’s what happened to one of my school friends – she didn’t show until 25 weeks then suddenly had a huge bump! 🙂
      It’s a lovely surprise whenever you find out the sex, I’m just one of those people who just can’t wait!


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