It’s been too long…


Firstly – a big SORRY for anyone who reads my blog. I haven’t died, been abducted, joined a cult, become a hermit or decided to avoid the internet. I have, however, become “that blogger” that promises to keep writing and then life takes over & they completely forget!

So a little update – I’m now 20 weeks pregnant with my SON (yes, yes, we found out the flavour at the 20 week scan) – proudly through IVF using my last (eeek!) frozen embryo. I’ve already got my first son (now a toddler) running about the house so I’m going to be surrounded by boys… even both my cats are male!

So far this pregnancy can be characterized by: throw up. Yes! I have been the delighted recipient of 14 weeks of horrendous morning sickness, throwing up every day. Thankfully the last week has been better so there will hopefully be many non-vom days ahead (fingers crossed!).

Halfway through this pregnancy now and feeling a bit sad that it will be my last one. There is no way that we will be going through IVF again – its been such an experience and cost that even if we wanted a bigger family, our personal decision is that we wouldn’t do it to ourselves. I’m quite happy to think of a future without raging hormone surges and injections (well, at least until menopause which is hopefully a little way off!).Β  AND pregnancy for me has not been easy in the least! However as I said, it is tinged with sadness and I keep trying to remind myself to enjoy every little experience that we’re having now – my growing belly, the little kicks and flutters from baby, starting to think about getting things ready for the arrival in August.

So there’s my update! I will try and blog more… and I’m looking forward to now catching up on everyone that I follow. I hope success and sunshine has come to you since I last was on here xx

3 thoughts on “It’s been too long…

  1. So good to read a post from you—I can’t believe you’re halfway there already! Time has really flown (well, maybe not for you since you’ve been so ill). I’m so sorry to hear that it’s been a tough pregnancy; I pray that the second half is better for you. And I’m so HAPPY that you’re expecting #2!!!!

    Also, I totally don’t blame you about not wanting to deal with IVF again. I’m sure menopause (long, looooong time away menopause) will be more than enough hormones for one lifetime. ❀


  2. I have finally read all your blogs I missed from the last two FETs… I am literally following in your footsteps. Our 2nd FET was the same, pregnant then miscarriage at 5 weeks. That was a week and a half ago we found out. God feels like way longer. Start with our last frostie next month, and I too am feeling very much like the odds to get a 3rd BFP (out of 3) is very low, but your journey makes me a little hopeful! πŸ™‚ ps loling at your rant about the “just relax”blog postπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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