the TART

Here I am… at the start of the two week (well, 12 day) wait of this cycle of IVF. Today I had my embryo transfer which went *thankfully* like clockwork. The little defrosted blastocyst looked as good as can be – so we’re in a good place for some positive thoughts.

I hate the term ‘two week wait’ – mainly because I’ve had so little success with it in the past. Through the years of treatment to date it has mostly been a complete bust so the phrase doesn’t make me feel very positive!! It always seems like forever and that I will crumble into a pile of bones before finding out the results. I also have ZERO patience and frequently test the entire time of the 2ww… and then read the results in fits of rage (at myself for testing early), rage (at the result for being negative) and rage (at anyone who asks if I have any symptoms yet).


So to try and avoid that rage I have decided to rename the 2ww to……

THE AWESOME RELAXING TIME (before potentially finding out that I’m pregnant)

…or TART for short… 🙂

That title makes me feel better as…

  1. It doesn’t refer to the length of time to go, just that it will be some time
  2. It says AWESOME… and anything with awesome in the title has to be good!
  3. It says RELAXING… and therefore means that I have to relax. yes. definitely.
  4. I LOVE tart. Love it! Especially lemon tart…. yum!


So I’ll try that this time and see how it goes! I have officially handed over my role now to my replacement at work, and I have the TART off as holiday – so before I go back to work to complete the final bits and pieces before Christmas I will know either way. As I’m going to be off work during the TART I have made plans and filled the duration of the TART with crafts, Christmas planning, binge watching my favourite TV show and spending quality time with my little man, family and friends.

So if you’re reading this, please think some positive thoughts for me!

Hopefully I’ll be back with a good outcome soon, after the TART! xxx

ps… I love typing tart so much. tart tart tart 🙂



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