Work Curveball

I like my current job HOWEVER there is a downside – and that’s the need to travel.

I am Continuous Improvement Manager for my company, which is 5 sites in the UK. That means that I “should” visit each site at least every 2 months – plus do a load of european travel. I’ve only had the job for about a year, and during that time have not been able to do much of the travel due to IVF, and then the pregnancy! Its been made pretty clear however that when I get back from maternity leave that I’ll have to start catching up on the travel…

Also, CI Manager doesn’t really lead anywhere – I’d have to move companies to get another promotion, and my boss’s boss has made it clear that I’d have to take a sideways move to Glasgow for my next role if I stayed in the company… now don’t get me wrong – Glasgow is great… BUT all my friends are here, my family is here and its a bl**dy long way away (for no extra cash)! Honestly – I’d made up my mind that I’d go away on maternity leave, go back to work for maybe 6 months and then look for another job somewhere else.


I found out yesterday that the new production manager at the site closest to me isn’t coming anymore. I went casually into a meeting with my boss, who suddenly threw the curveball at me… would I like to apply for the job?!

Eeeeek! Whaaat?

My first reaction is that my maternity leave starts in 5 weeks and this is NOT THE TIME to be interviewing and getting a totally different job! However my boss said all he would expect is for me is to shadow the production manager for my last few weeks and then start the new job properly when I get back from maternity… Essentially having the maternity leave as a nice break between jobs!

Sounds tempting!

Production Manager = based near home, very little / no travel, sideways move onto a stable career path within the company, great experience managing a team of 80 or so people! Its a job that I wouldn’t get with another company, as I don’t have the experience on paper but as my boss knows me, he knows I can do it, and I quote, “standing on my head”!

Only negative is that I’ll no longer be part of the senior management team, which I am at the moment as I’m head of my (teeny tiny 5 people) department!

My hubby says its a no brainer, but I must admit I’m in a tailspin…. decision time by Tuesday next week… what do I do?!?  xx


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