Shows how close we are now (34 and a half weeks! eek!) – our NCT classes have finally started!

NCT is the National Childbirth Trust – – and they do classes in the UK for first time parents.

Its not cheap – about £230 per couple in our area, but we’ve had quite a few friends who have done it and raved about it, so thought we would give it a go! Hey ho – we don’t need to save now, haha… ha….ha…. oh dear.

The great thing about it is that there are 7 other couples who are first timers – and all live in your local area. There is one couple who live only 2 streets away from us, and another girl who’s mum is our next door neighbour! It’s going to be great when I go on maternity leave to know people going through the same thing who I can stress out with…

We’ve had two classes so far (there are 8 in total) each of about 2.5 hours. It’s interactive, a chance to ask questions and share worries & concerns – and has been HUGELY useful for my worrying brain!

You cover late pregnancy symptoms, all the stages of labour, birth, and the first few months of baby’s life – cleaning, feeding, sleeping, crying – the lot! (I realise I probably sound like an NCT spokesperson now – I promise you I’m not!).

Some of the handy (and slightly shocking!) things I’ve learnt so far:

  1. To tell the difference between “stay at home” contractions and “go to the hospital” contractions is whether you can talk through them. We got a scarily real demonstration of this by the course leader! Essentially if you are still faffing about timing contractions and preparing baby bags then you need to wait a bit!
  2. Walk like a crab sideways up and down the stairs to ease contraction pains. Yup! Apparently it opens your pelvis, and you look like a mad person (additional benefit! woop)
  3. In early labour, you want to stimulate the release of oxcitocin (I’ve probably spelt that wrong!). This is the “love” hormone apparently and you can release more by pretending you are on a romantic date night – music, candles, favourite food, massages… almost sounds like fun!
  4. The baby has to turn 3 or 4 times to be born and fit through your pelvis and does it all naturally! Amazing!
  5. Some babies are born covered in white stuff called vernix which is a great moisturiser… if you fancy collecting it…
  6. You can harvest any pre-birth leakage from the nips by collecting it in a syringe and freezing it – then if there is any trouble breastfeeding your baby has some pre-prepared colostrum which is full of yummy nutrients! Handy!


Pregnancy is progressing well, still haven’t finished all the things I wanted to do to prepare the cats and still have lots to buy! (well, nappies mainly!).

Haven’t heard about the new job yet (second round interview today… eeek!) but other than that I am stress free (and slightly huge bump-wise!) hooray! xxx

Bump Bump Bumpity Bump! I definitely look pregnant now!

10 thoughts on “NCT

  1. Great bump! I start my classes next week! (Will be 29 1/2 weeks) we are lucky in NZ as they are free, but just had some super crazy in the media who was running them at a local hospital who was telling everyone they were sh*t if they had a c-section/couldn’t breastfeed etc… Apparently she’s been there for years and one of my friends went to her class ! She’s now being investigated, so you don’t have to be an actual midwife/dr to run them… Not so ideal! Apparently mine is a good one though.. Fingers crossed!

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    1. oh my goodness! Hope your classes go well, the lady who runs ours seems really open and just helps you with the facts to make the decisions yourself. The best bit is to talk it through with other nearly new mums!

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  2. Oh I just signed up for NCT classes, really looking forward to them! A friend of mine (who didn’t attend an NCT class!!) said “oh don’t go to those, it’s just an expensive class at which all the mums will be comparing designer buggies and judging you”) … hm, I asked on a bumps to babies group I’m on, and there were some brilliant stories there of ladies who went for their first babies and have made life long friends! I can’t wait for ours! (Though i will have to, it’s in September!!)

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    1. definitely worth it, there is a mix of people (and a few designer mums!) but everyone is so lovely and in the same or similar place emotionally. You’ll really enjoy it! I was slightly shocked at how late they start – my first class was when we were at 33 weeks which I thought was leaving it a bit tight!


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