Hurdle no.4 – day 13 scan… aka Rollercoaster Day

Today is going to be officially named “Rollercoaster Day” in honour of the madness that has happened.


It started out simply – I went in for my day 13 scan, after a weekend of being on 225 units of Menopur.

There was a mini disaster on Friday, when half of it leaked over my stomach due to a dodgy needle (oops) but I was reassured by the slightly puzzled emergency nurse that it was fine. She actually said – “are you sure there isn’t anything else you are ringing about?”. double oops.

Back to the scan… and bad news. One or two follicles have grown a bit, I’ve got one at 14mm and one at 12mm. The rest are all at 9 or 10mm so haven’t grown much at all. Worse news was that my lining is down to 7.4mm (from over 9mm).

So the nurse called me in, told me that essentially my treatment was over. This is partly due to my follicles not growing enough (apparently a reasonable risk when you have polycystic ovaries), but mostly due to the lining getting thinner.

I burst into tears, she attempted to do a blood test through my sobbing (not very easy!) and then told me to go home, relax and wait for a call with my results to plan in my appointment with the consultant to talk about next time. She also said she was 99% sure that the treatment would be cancelled as the last blood test showed my oestrogen levels being low.

Fast forward through sadness and tears, calling my husband, calling my mum (who was a star and calmed me down a lot), husband coming home from work and giving me cuddles, me eating a huge macD’s breakfast, then a massive bar of chocolate and watching episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

At 2pm I got the call from the nurse with my results.

Oestrogen levels are good and high (huh?), scan might have been wrong (okaay…) and the treatment will continue at 300 units of Menopur per day (WHAAAT?)

So fast forward again through more crying (happiness? shock? sheer confusion?) and me driving all the way back to the clinic, picking up more meds, more needles and the whole kit that I had given in earlier that day.

So here I am, on Monday afternoon at 5pm writing my blog. I’m in a bit of a spin. Reading back I can’t actually believe what has happened today. Hopefully my follicles can clear their heads a bit and grow, ready for Wednesday and the next scan and roller coaster ride through IVF.


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