Hurdle no.3 – day 10 scan

So I think this image sums up what my follicles are currently doing…

no.. no... no... I refuse to move!
no.. no… no… I refuse to move!

The little wotsits are being stubborn and refusing to grow!

I realised that there was something slightly wrong when the first nurse did my scan – she went very quiet and then then brightly said “your uterus lining has grown and looks great – 9.4mm!”. (second gold star for my uterus lining. now please encourage your neighbours to get on with it!)

As she called out the sizes of the follicles – I realised why she had been quiet – essentially they have not grown at all. The one positive is that there is now a 15th follicle at 7mm so gives me one more chance.

The second nurse has told me that this is typical of PCO (not really reassuring) and they took some bloods so that they could decide whether to a) stop treatment b) give me more menopur or c) keep me on the same dose of menopur.

Pretty tense all morning whilst waiting for that call. Luckily when it came this afternoon they have decided they aren’t stopping the treatment (thank god for small miracles!) and I’ll be on a slightly increased dose of 225 units of Menopur per day to encourage the little fellas and lassies to grow a bit!

I’m sad, frustrated and also deciding to be stubbornly optimistic about the whole thing! Got another scan on Monday so three days now for me to continue stabbing myself in my increasingly angry tummy, and hopefully for my follicles to have a growth spurt.

so… a little bit louder this time… C’MON FOLLICLES…. GROW! 🙂 xxx

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