Hurdle no.5 – day 15 scan… well done follicles!


My little (well not so little anymore) follicles are finally growing! Obviously at least some of them like the new dose of Menopur 🙂

My biggest is now 16mm – with most of the others between 11 and 14 mm and a straggler or two at 9/10mm.

Strange realisation that the combined size of all of them is well over 16cm… no wonder I’ve been getting a bit of backache and a few twinges from my ovaries!

My lining is up to 10.9cm as well, so very pleased with my body – gold stars all round!

Conclusion is – I’m just slow and steady (I like to imagine like the tortoise and the hare story). My tortoise has now got a skateboard and is catching up… hehe

Go go follicles!
Go go follicles!

I celebrated this evening by getting home from work, feeding the cats, taking my Menopur and then promptly falling asleep at 6pm and not waking up until now – 1.30am! ooops. Must be all that energy going into GROWING! 🙂

Next scan on Friday, then hopefully egg collection on Monday! (although not holding my breath too much, who knows what is going to happen!)


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