Hurdle no.2 – Day 8 scan

This morning I went for my day 8 scan.

If it really was hurdles – I jumped confidently, but caught my foot – which has slowed me down and cast some doubt over whether I will finish the race…


The positives….

  1. I have 14 growing follicles (8 on my right ovary and 6 on my left. Well done right ovary, gold star for you)
  2. I have a lining of 8.4mm – minimum at my clinic is 8mm for embryo transfer. Hooray for my lining!

The trip up is that my follicles are apparently small for day 7 – I’ve got 2 x 10mm, 4 x 9mm, 5 x 8mm and 3 x 7mm. Apparently “normally” they would up the Menopur at this stage, but because of my PCO they don’t want to – so I’m still on the one vial. They’ve decided to put back my egg collection by two days to Weds 9th so I can have a few more days on the low dose.

Apparently this is not a rare occurrence with patients with PCO – and there is now an increased risk that the follicles won’t grow at all from now on… but lets not think about that..!

Not entirely sure how I feel about all of this… Had a cry after the scan when I told my hubby on the phone – I guess I was just hoping that things would go perfectly! A bit frustrated and annoyed I think. I’m a bit of a planner – I like things planned and organised and I had already booked off work for the original dates, so now I have to change all of that. It means I will miss a critical training course at work (really not that important, I know!)…

I’m learning very quickly that you can’t predict what is going to happen with IVF!

So – more injections, and next scan on day 10 (Friday) to check things out again.

Until then, c’mon little follicles…. GROW!!! 🙂  xx

5 thoughts on “Hurdle no.2 – Day 8 scan

    1. aaah reassuring to know thankyou! the first plan they gave me showed me getting my final injection today, so freaked me out slightly to see it extended out by another week. Do you find they level off, then start growing – or do they grow gradually all the way through the stim injections?


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