IVF round 1 day 4 – Cetrotide and Emotions…

Today is Menopur day 4/10 and Cetrotide day 1/10… time is going so quickly!

Woke up bright and early to do my first Cetrotide injection this morning – we decided to do it at 6.45am as I normally need to leave for work at 7am each morning. Today was a Saturday and so waking up that early was quite difficult!

I made the assumption that because the Menopur has been easy-ish so far, that the Cetrotide would be as well – WRONG assumption to make!

Cetrotide (not yet a fan)
Cetrotide (looks easy, but those air bubbles are so difficult to get out!)

It is so difficult to see the air bubbles in the Cetrotide needle – and we wasted nearly half of the liquid before giving up and going ahead and injecting with the air bubble in! I googled this problem afterwards and saw that this is quite a common problem, talked about on a lot of forums, so hopefully will go better tomorrow morning as we can bite the bullet straight away and not waste any meds! Apparently because you are injecting into your fatty layer of skin, and not into a vein, the air bubbles won’t harm you – the only risk is that they cause some bruising and discomfort.

The needle for the Cetrotide is bigger than the Menopur needle, so it hurt a little more going in, and I got a rash and itchiness in the area immediately afterwards. Despite the air bubble (which looked massive in the syinge!) the injection didn’t hurt too badly. However the area has ached all day today, and I have been mega emotional.

We went to a local beer, food and music festival this afternoon and after half an hour I burst into tears – there were so many families and people with their babies, enjoying the sun, I just couldn’t be there. First time that I’ve had that reaction (and have been round babies lots before) so hoping its the hormones that are currently raging through my body! Made up for it by buying lots of tasty cheese, relish, jam and smoked meat so at least I’ve got some treats to enjoy.

Enjoying the festival (before the tears!)
Enjoying the festival (before the tears!)

Time for Menopur now, and so the injection cycle continues! Roll on next Wednesday and my scan 🙂 xx

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