Hurdle no.1 – the baseline scan

My strategy to get my period to start worked! (Read all about it here) It started as I woke up on Tuesday morning.

I quickly rang the clinic and booked my baseline scan in for 10.45 on the Wednesday. I was so nervous and excited all Tuesday afternoon  and Wednesday morning – hoping and fingers crossed all would be ok.

The scan went well, the nurses were so so friendly as usual and… success! Hurdle no.1 jumped over with no issues at all. Ovaries are quiet (well done ovaries!) and lining is nice and thin due to this heavy period so no issues there 🙂

I was awarded with my bag of goodies – and a plan and dates for when I need to go in next. I’ve got my second scan next Wednesday, my third scan on Friday… then egg collection on Monday 7th Sept and Implantation on Saturday 12th. Eeek!

the plan!
the plan!

Later Weds evening I gave myself my first injection. Really not as bad as I thought it would be – mixing the liquid and the powder was a bit tricky as I was terrified I was going to spill it everywhere – especially since our cats were so curious as to what was going on!

curious Gilly-cat investigating my meds
curious Gilly-cat investigating my meds

My hubby was very good and was with me all the way, and so I did it! And then promptly felt really dizzy and sick (probably more through adrenalin than anything else!).

I felt OK most of today, slight headache (probably due to a bit of stress) but fine! Now just “looking forward” to my next Menopur injection later this evening!

Will give another update after I start the Cetriotide on Saturday.. much love to all you IVFers out there xx

compulsory meds picture!

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