Countdown continues…

I’ve now got 16 days or so until I start injections… Each day when I take the microgynon and slowly see the days count down I get slightly more excited and slightly more terrified!

Excited because this is what we want, the chance of it being successful, all of the future bits to look forward to.

Terrified because of the process (operations, injections), the risks of failure, of problems during pregnancy.

My hubby keeps telling me I need to concentrate on the bits that I can affect – and he is completely right! Worrying about all of those “increased chances” is just going to drive me mad and not help the process at all! (so why can’t my brain stop sometimes!)

Work continues to be a concern – my job role is expanding, getting some new responsibilities which is starting the week I start injections! I have no idea how this is all going to affect me, and how I’m going to be able to perform when everything properly starts. I haven’t got much holiday to take, so think I’m going to have to rely on my boss and colleague’s understanding and generosity at the end of August / beginning of September! Trying my hardest to keep those weeks as clear as possible so I can move things around if I need to!

BUT! my positives:

  • my friends have organised a party for me on the 17th August to celebrate summer and wish me luck for the future. We’re hopefully going to go to a spa as well so I can get a much needed relax
  • The diet is going well, have lost a bit of weight since my first appointment (despite some comfort eating!)
  • The sun is shining today and my grumpy cat has decided that he likes cuddles and has been sat on my chest purring into my face all morning 🙂


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