Implications Counselling Session

Today was the day of the implications counselling session – something that we have to do as part of our IVF package.

Essentially it was a two hour session where a lovely nurse took us through the whole IVF with ICSI procedure in detail, how to do my injections and signing TONNES of consent forms!

I don’t think we learnt anything new about the procedure – through Internet research and everything else I had a good idea of what was going to happen. The nurse spent a lot of time highlighting the risks specific to my condition – basically the fact that I have a relatively high chance of overstimulation due to my PCO (polycystic ovaries) which means that I might not get to egg harvesting stage. The good news is that the clinic are very experienced with PCO patients and have good success rates, even for first timers, so at the nurse and my hubby’s insistence I am staying optimistic!

It was interesting to be shown how to mix up the Menopur and Cetrotide injections – seemed simple enough but I’m sure at 6.30 in the morning while rushing to get up, avoid the cats and go to work it won’t be quite as easy!

She made me have a go at injecting myself with the needle – and although my hands were shaking as I did it, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be! I did accidentally stab myself in the wrong place first, and even that wasn’t too painful! Hehe.

the final interesting bit was the last consent form – asking if hubby is happy for me to use any frozen embryos if he dies! Something we had never thought about before and we ended up having quite a long philosophical discussion about bringing up a child in that scenario…. Not at all what I was expecting from today!

So in conclusion, all went well and if Aunt Flo starts as predicted on 21st August I’ll be in for my first scan and starting the Menopur on the 22nd! eek!


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