Following the pre-IVF Rules

Today I thought I’d write a little bit about following the pre-IVF rules and diet that our consultant has set for us.

It’s not too strict – but does take out the main things that I enjoy – and it’s not only for me but for my husband too!

So our rules are:

  • Seriously no smoking! I don’t smoke anyway, but my hubby does at parties and with his friends (or at least used to!)
  • Less than 5 units of alcohol per week (my stretch target is zero units for me!)
  • Dramatically reduce carb content in diet – and no refined carbs. Mainly meat, fish, veggies and some dairy foods.
  • Strictly zero caffeine

I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that stopping smoking now will help hubby stop completely – but I’m not convinced!

The diet I’ve not found too bad so far – it’s surprising how fast your stomach seems to shrink after a couple of days of feeling hungry. Our main problem is not so much the meals, but the snacking in between meals so I try to make sure I always have an apple or banana in my bag for a snack!

I struggle a little bit as I’m a natural comfort eater – if I’m stressed the thing I go to first is a big pot of mac and cheese! The IVF is worrying me a bit anyway, which makes that craving even worse!

I’ve replaced my regular cup of morning coffee with decaff – a few headaches the first few days (I was definitely drinking too much coffee!) but now I can hardly tell the difference.

Alcohol seems to be the biggest challenge, even though we weren’t heavy drinkers to start with. The challenge isn’t not drinking alcohol, but explaining why we’re not drinking! The main place we meet our friends is in restaurants and pubs, and answering the question “why aren’t you drinking”- especially to those friends who we don’t want to know that we’re going through IVF – is really difficult. I don’t want to lie to people, but also I don’t want everyone to know and then have to field all the questions.

I travel a lot with work, and I couldn’t find another reason the other day for not drinking with anyone else, and ended up having a couple of glasses of red wine… still very angry at myself for giving in to peer pressure. I guess its small steps forward!


2 thoughts on “Following the pre-IVF Rules

  1. I followed some but not all of the above rules with my ivf cycle. I cut out all caffine and ate a protein rich diet. I didnt cut out carbs though and ill admit I didnt totally cut out alcohol. I didnt drink often but I did have a couple of nights out towards the start of the cycle where I had 2 or 3 glasses of wine. I read everywhere about avacados being the top food for ivf cycles so I made sure I had an avacado a day! (Avacado and egg for breakfast became an odd favourite) 🙂 xx

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