The “last time”

This might be the last time.

That’s what I thought when I did my final injection for my previous FET back in June. That it might just be the last time I have to inject myself, the last time I worry about meeting that embryo, the last time I go through the two week wait, the last time I worry about never completing my family.

But here I am, injection in hand, building the momentum to start the FET process again. I must admit, I’ve lost a chunk of hope, and I hate myself for it. I know a lot in life is about positivity, and I’ve done a lot to try and make this round work, but I think I’ve realised the majority of the chance is out of my hands now.

Some people have certain things they did the first time they had a BFP that they almost religiously do again. Be it wearing certain knickers, or eating something specific on the day. Some people ensure they rest, putting the embryo first and foremost, get their feet firmly up.

When I had my successful round before however I pushed it pretty hard – I spent the day of the embryo transfer walking about, not resting. I was stressed about my job and other things. I drank prosecco and ate chips! Maybe that’s the secret!

This is my last frost baby to try out. If this cycle fails then it’s back to the drawing board and hopefully retrieving some more eggs… with the cost and emotional & physical turmoil that brings.

Please let this be the last first injection… here we go xx



2 thoughts on “The “last time”

  1. Praying this is the last stab, too! So much pressure with this being the only remaining frostie, but I’m believing the best for you. Interesting that on #1 you had some wine and “bad” food, I’d be too scared. Goes to show that rest and restrictions aren’t proven in order to have an embryo successful implant. Deep breathes!

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