Since my last post there have been lots of quite exciting plans put in place, because I like a plan! My previous plan for a successful FET didn’t work out, but I’m ready for some new ones – so here comes plans C through F!


  1. I have HANDED IN MY NOTICE! Shock Horror! I have taken the plunge and decided that in order to properly feel like I’ve given myself the best chance to have another small person I need to quit work for a bit. That way I can focus on treatment and my boy. I’m ridiculously lucky to have a husband and family who will support me in doing this, and I’m going to make the most of it. This decision is so unlike me, before having my son my work was everything, and I went back after 5 months of maternity because I missed it so much! However as he has grown I’ve realised how much I’m missing, so I’m also really looking forward to spending more time with him. The plan is only to be off for a year or two, as I don’t know that I could quit work forever, but its enough for me to feel like I won’t look back and regret (or hopefully won’t!).
  2. During my 2 month notice my work have agreed to pay me full salary but let me work reduced hours (amazing, but I’m wondering how I’ve managed to wangle this!). So I’m getting lots of chances to meet up with friends and de-stress a bit… the plan is to do fun things and make some good memories.
  3. The next FET is scheduled… eek! Started the tablets a few days ago, embryo transfer is the 22 November. Fingers super extra crossed that this will work as this is my last frost baby so if we need to do again I’ll have to start from scratch.
  4. We’ve gone VEGAN! Not really sure how that happened, it was based on a random conversation me and hubby had one day about meat farming and the environment, thought we’d try it for a bit just to see and it has stuck *well, so far! Although we’re not forcing the small man to be vegan as I don’t know enough about the subject yet to know if he’s getting the right vitamins and minerals etc. but so far so good! Apart from the massive hamburger I ate yesterday… lol maybe I have an impulse control problem! 🙂 I feel a bit healthier though as I’m definitely eating more fruit and veg than before… and discovered some more yummy recipes such as vegan banana bread and almond milk hot chocolate… it’s sooooo good!


I’m ending this post with a mini-rant : one that perhaps a few of you will identify with…I had this response to a question I put on a local FB group about IVF, timings and asking if anyone had had a career break for treatment. Granted, this was one response out of about 30 (the other 29 being hugely supportive with advice from others who had been through IVF):


Anon: “I have a friend who was told she would NEVER conceive naturally. She fell pregnant naturally shortly after coming off contraceptives and then again a couple of years later. She’s just had her second child. I think you should try to not concentrate on falling pregnant so much and just go with the flow. Relax and you never know what might happen. Going through IVF is probably causing stress stopping you getting pregnant naturally”

OMG WTF BBQ? Is this woman serious?!? ARRRRGHHHH! You have no idea about my life, about why I’m doing IVF, about if whether a “natural pregnancy” is even possible for me… I might not have a womb! (Ok, I do have a womb) Who are you to tell me to relax? “just relax”… ok wait I know the relax button is somewhere here… NOT! I’m obviously just putting myself through the sometimes hell of IVF for giggles! I’d never thought to just relax, what a brilliant, unique idea – thanks anon!  Tell you what, you just relax and I will punch you in the face, after all you never know what might happen!

Rant Over 🙂 I actually just didn’t “like” her post, whereas I did all the others. Passive aggressive non-confrontational, moi? haha xxxx

One thought on “Plans

  1. Hooray for plans, even if they’re not the “first-planned” plan! I’m so happy to read this post, I was literally thinking this morning about you! (Ok, I know we’ve never met or anything, I promise I’m not some creepy online stalker. Just some women I feel more of a connection to on here than others. Anyway.)

    And how wonderful that you have another frostie to use! I will be praying for you, both to get through the lovely side effects of hormones (hello, mood swings!) and for the transfer itself.

    And of course, from one veggie to another [new] veggie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’ve gone veg. Eek!! I promise, it WILL get easier. Many xoxo to you!

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