Embryo on board

Wow time has flown!

I’ve managed to survive the treatment side of this FET cycle – the injections, tablets, pessaries and enormous mood swings! On top of that, work has been hellish and it has been SO FREAKIN HOT! Therefore I’m officially awarding myself with a medal (made of chocolate, naturally) for getting to this point without spontaneously combusting 🙂

Today was the day that I was reunited with one of my little frozen embryos. Very exciting, and hugely nervous-making! It defrosted ok, hadn’t quite expanded back to it’s full size but so nearly there that they were confident that it would keep developing ok.

Also had forgotten how brutal the consultant can be with that metal thing they use to open you up with – ooooouuuuch!

So that means I’ve still got one in the freezer in case this cycle fails (or, dare I say it, to try for a third little one in the future?!)… nope can’t even let myself start to think like that – I must be realistic and keep all fingers, toes and appendages crossed until 3rd July, which is officially my test date.

Until then, keep taking the drugs, drink lots of water, try not to get too stressed out about every little potential sign things have or haven’t worked, or start testing early (managed to hold out to day 10 last time)… aaaand relax!

Love to all, hopefully update you with some good news on the 3rd! Xx

2 thoughts on “Embryo on board

  1. I’m so excited for you, my friend! Said a prayer for you this afternoon for a good report on 3 July and for a happy, healthy baby (and mama) in 9 months. xoxo


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