Agh I hate the buggers! I thought my last round of treatment had cured me of my fear, but nope, yesterday was the first day of busrelin injections and it took me about 20 minutes of umming, ahhing, hesitating, re-reading the instructions and faffing before I finally managed to buck up the courage to stick the needle in!
3d4407e8997724feee6f363079739f681896c6230aa18b20b9082f4a9058f8acThen once the needle was in I seriously contemplated just walking round with it sticking out of me – fashion accessory right?! The contents of the injection stung when I pressed the plunger but again, once I had faffed around it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I have decided to be very open at work about my IVF this time – I’ve got a new boss (she starts tomorrow) and I don’t want to give her any excuse to have a problem with me going to appointments, or wonder why I’m being a grumpy cow! My old boss is just down the corridor – so he has agreed he will keep a stash of chocolate on hand for any melt down moments!

So that’s it for now – more daily injections and then the next scan on 2nd June to check all is well to start the other drugs… fingers crossed! xx

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