50 days and counting

There is now an official plan for my FET! Eeeek!

The countdown is on…

– 50 days until the planned day of embryo transfer

– 50 days until I get reunited with hopefully one (or maybe both!) of my frosty embryos who have been so patiently waiting for me

– 50 days to lose some more of that weight I just haven’t managed to lose yet (a recent holiday in France where I feel like I ate my own body weight in baguettes and cheese, and drank bucketfuls of red wine probably didn’t help!)

– 50 days until another dreaded two week wait – with all the emotional turmoil that goes with it

– 50 days of various tablets (gulp!), injections (oww!), pessaries (ugh!) and scans – any of which could still go wrong or have the wrong effect at any point either delaying or having to cancel this cycle…

MEGA Eeeek!

planBut I like a plan. I’ll say that again – I LIKE A PLAN!

And this one seems like a good plan. We talked it all through with the nurse today at our IVF clinic and she seemed cautiously optimistic. Our two embryos are the same grade as our son was when he was implanted (his nickname will be 3BB from now on) so we’ve got just as good a chance as last time…. hopefully…. fingers crossed…. touch wood…. salute backwards…. and anything else for good luck!

As my cycle is so irregular, and my own hormones so messed up they are essentially going to completely “turn off” my own hormones for a month and then replace them with a cocktail of the right hormones at the right time, simulating everything that should happen in a normal cycle minus the ovulation. They then get my body to the same stage that my frosty embryos are at (day 5) and bam! hopefully there is a match!
moodAll these drugs apparently run the risk of turning me into some sort of rampaging chocolate obsessed she-witch… the nurse stressed this several times putting pointed looks towards my hubby. He won no points today by saying “well, I’ve not got much to do this time then have I?” when asked if he had any questions!


So there we have it – first pill taken this evening and we’re off! One more step along the road I go…! xx

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