Poppy seed !!!!

We got the wonderful news this morning that I am pregnant!

Our main response so far has been “eeeeeeeeeeeek”, “aaaah!!” and “wowweee!”. To be honest finding it hard not to think I am dreaming at the moment!

I may have caved and did an early test yesterday (which would have been 10 days past 5 day transfer) and got a faint positive, but we we holding onto our hope for this morning and the official test.

Our clinic doesn’t do bloods at this stage – next step is a scan on 16th Oct to hopefully see a hearbeat!

I’m refusing to let the worry of miscarriage kick in – I keep having flashes of what happened two years ago (my m/c at 9 weeks). BUT! I’m determined to enjoy every second of being pregnant this time – for as long as it lasts.

My pregnancy app tells me the little embryo is now the size of a poppy seed… which is making me hungry for lemon and poppy seed muffins… mmmmm…  xx


22 thoughts on “Poppy seed !!!!

    1. haha it’s brilliant! June seems so close and so far at the same time! so glad to have started this blog and being able to share highs and lows with people who understand 🙂


  1. Yay, that’s so freakin awesome! A very big Congrats to you! Keep on keeping positive, positivity never hurt anyone, plus it will send happy vibes through your body and to your lil embie. Best wishes! 🙂


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