Countdown to “the test”

Every time I think about my upcoming pregnancy test on Wednesday I hear the tune of the final countdown in my head…


Sorry for the ear worm! Thought I’d share the love 🙂

So far during my wait I’ve been fairly well behaved –

  1. I have not tested early (and am vowing not to do so… although I do have pregnancy tests in the bathroom, but I really won’t test early. nope. definitely not. maybe. NO I WILL BE STRONG! maybe…)
  2. I have avoided dr. google on symptoms. Although I did google pictures on how the embryo will be developing over the wait at work yesterday. Which was a mistake as I cried and then had to pretend I got something in my eye to my colleagues. They were not convinced.
  3. I have tried to think about the embryo as a “chance at pregnancy” rather than a baby already. Just a decision that we came to early on, to try and soften the blow if we get a negative on wednesday. I’ve been mediumly good at staying true to that. I did spend a long time thinking about names the other day – and came up with “Ivy Florence” so I could call my child “Ivy F.”! Haha my hubby was not amused. If it was a boy… Ivan F. ? hehe.
  4. I have avoided obsessing about symptoms. Well, that’s definitely not true… every twinge I think – was that it? was that a pregnancy symptom? The other day I poked myself in the boob so many times to check if I had tender boobs that I now definitely have a tender boob. My hubby was like “what are you doing you crazy woman?”
  5. I have been taking my progesterone suppositories twice a day, on time. I had to drive all the way home from work and back again the other day to get them, that was an interesting explanation to my boss!

So the wait continues and I’ve been continuing with normal life as much as possible – our nurse said as long as I don’t  A. run a marathon, B. climb mount everest or C. bake myself in a sauna, I can’t risk the embryo.

I hate to wish away time, but roll on Wednesday! I just want to know!



8 thoughts on “Countdown to “the test”

  1. This made me giggle about the poking your boobs part, I totally used to do that every month that we were trying pre IVF.. Then again maybe it’s the drugs and hormones, I keep cracking up at nothing haha oh god.. I am currently 4 days post egg retrival with a freeze all cycle so have so long to wait like a month urg… Congrats on your poppy seed too 😊😊😊

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