Blastocyst on board

Yesterday morning at 10:35 we officially became the proud guardians of one teeny tiny blastocyst.

The procedure of embryo transfer was so so easy compared to everything else we have been through to get here, I was surprised at how quick it was! I was giggling the whole way through – due to happiness, and the fact that the moment when they put my legs in the stirrups, I kicked the consultant quite hard in the ribs! Nothing I do is complete without an “oops” 🙂

Seeing the blastocyst on the screen was amazing, can’t really believe that its got a chance to grow, develop and be our future baby!

We are also really lucky to have two more top quality blastocysts which are now in the freezer, waiting to be our next chance or a sibling.

So pleased we have got to this stage – and now a waiting game!

Had a glass of champagne last night to celebrate – and now to following the pregnancy rules for the rest of the wait (no soft cheese, pink meat, shellfish, alcohol…).

Feeling positive, but also realistic – I will try to keep calm and avoid for a while!



8 thoughts on “Blastocyst on board

  1. Oh wow. Honestly … be kind to yourself on the 2ww. I never understood that until I entered my first one. Get away from google, un-notice those symptoms, think of something else, don’t test too early … bla bla bla … we’ve heard it all before! Nag nag nag! I hope it’s a nice calm and serene one for you 🙂

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    1. You are so right! And honestly thankyou for the reminder – I poked myself in the chest quite hard today to check if I was “tender”… As my hubby said when he saw me do it – Anywhere is tender when you keep poking it!


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