The wonderous world of post egg collection side effects

Disclaimer: the below is me having a bit of a moan. I’ve figured I’ve got one free pass 🙂

4 days past egg collection and I’m currently cycling through the below:

“oh I feel fine, that’s great!”

“groan I feel bloated and why do my ovaries hate me?”

“oh I feel fine again, it must be over”

“groan why are you back pain?? Leave me alone!”

So far I have had the joys of experiencing these symptoms on and off : general unwellness, back ache, stabbing ovary pain, cramps, slight diarrhoea, slight nausea, stomach tenderness, wind and some bloating. I’ve put on about 1.2kg since then as well!

To be fair, I rested the day after egg collection but since then I’ve been pretty busy – back to work and went to a bird park yesterday – so I probably could rest a bit more to help myself recover!

Whenever I think I should ring the clinic, the pain stops and I convince myself I’m just being too sensitive. No idea if it is mild OHSS, side effects of the progesterone / egg collection or a stomach bug (as very weirdly my hubby also has stomach pain, nausea and tummy problems at the moment!). When I said to him “aww lovely it must be sympathy pain because you love me so much” – he told me to bugger off! Haha must be love!

Although I have PCOS, the nurse said after my egg collection that I was very unlikely to get OHSS as there weren’t many follicles (only 7 eggs collected) so I’m not on any meds other than the progesterone at the moment.

Embryo transfer is scheduled tomorrow morning so I’m definitely going to ask them to look for signs of OHSS first, as I don’t want to risk a potential pregnancy by diving right in – I’d much rather freeze my 5 embryos and try again when I’m more up to it!

Ok, moan over (for now)

Lots of big hugs for anyone out there experiencing the same (or worse!)  xx


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