Hurdle no.7 – Egg Collection! (finally!)

The Pregnyl shot went well on Saturday, and I really enjoyed not having to do injections on Sunday. I was panicking like mad, worrying that I had ovulated early (due to lots of ovary pain and lovely EGCM)… but that was just my worry-wart head trying to stress me out!

We turned up nice and early at the clinic on Monday morning, and were visited in a whirlwind by the anaesthetist, fertility nurse, embryologist and consultant! Only a 20 min wait later and in to theatre…

me waiting for the op in my oh so sexy hospital gown!
me waiting for the op in my oh so sexy hospital gown!

At my clinic they use a general anaesthetic so I was completely out – just before I went under I thought the nurse said “think of bananas!” and so I ended up having the weirdest dream about sitting in a giant banana split! She told me later that she said “barbados”… haha oops.

They told me straight after the op that they got 7 eggs – so I went upstairs to the recovery room in a happy bubble. However I then proceeded to have a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and threw up everywhere for the rest of the day! Nice – thanks stomach!

They kept me in hospital for most of the day until I managed to keep some food down – then let me go home. The pain got better really quickly – It’s still a bit crampy and on/off in waves of “tightness” in my stomach area, but nothing that paracetamol can’t help me with – its the nausea that is the killer!

Got a call Monday evening that 5 out of the 7 were mature, and my husband had produced “good quality sperm” (well done husband!) – and my eggs were being fertilised via ICSI right then and there. They warned us of only a 70% fertilisation success rate, so I was prepared this morning to find out we’d lost some.

This morning, the call arrived and we have… FIVE fertilised eggs and therefore FIVE little embryos doing their best to grow for us!


So chuffed – well done to all of my reproductive organs (as my friend text me yesterday) and fingers crossed that the little embryos keep growing! Sounds like we will have a 5 day transfer on Saturday…. eek!

Cyclogest pessaries (progesterone) starts tonight – then twice every day. Apparently I’ve got the choice about where to use them (ahem!) so any advice would be much appreciated! I might just go ahead and try both options then decide on the easiest one!

Spending today as a duvet day then back to work tomorrow, nice to know for a day or two my body can relax before embryo transfer.

Now just for this nausea to go away and all will be fine!


One thought on “Hurdle no.7 – Egg Collection! (finally!)

  1. Congratulations to you and your five! I hope it all goes well for you, fingers crossed!

    As for where to *ahem* the pessaries – the front is messy, really messy. But the back is … weird. Uncomfortable (for me) but much neater and tidier! I tended to switch. Urgh I’m not looking forward to getting back on those 😦

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