Hurdle no.6 – day 17 scan… stage 1 complete!

Good news – today’s scan showed 6 follicles in the “mature” range (14-18mm) with three right at 17/18mm, and another 5 follicles just out of range at around 13mm.

With a lining at 11.1mm and a oestrogen level of 3000+ that means that we are all go for Monday morning and egg collection! Fingers crossed that I will get a teeny bit more growth before Monday and we manage to collect a decent number of eggs.

So so SOOO pleased after the rollercoaster that the last two weeks have been – this original “short protocol” IVF has been a bit of a long game – about a week behind now what the consultant originally predicted!

I’m done with Stage 1 – congrats to my ovaries for working hard (in the end!) and a massive thankyou to my lovely friends and family for putting up with me so far – lets see what happens when Stage 2 starts next week!

Now time to RELAX!  (for a day or two at least!) xx


IVF round 1 Stage 1 stats :

  • 17 Menopur injections
  • 15 Cetrotide injections
  • 6 medication review scans
  • 6 blood tests
  • 2 missed days of work
  • 2 very confused cats
  • 1 very confused husband(!)
  • 1 binge fest on mac D’s and chocolate
  • 1 Pregnyl injection waiting to go!

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