It’s a waiting game….

So I’m waiting (patiently? I don’t think so) for my period to start so that I can go in for my baseline scan and start these injections!

Took my last birth control pill on Friday, and normally when using BC pills I start spotting on the second day and full blown AF on the third… but! It is now the third day and nothing!

Sooo frustrated! I’d planned everything out, planned time off work in the next couple of weeks based on it all kicking off today.

Spent the last half hour googling “how to make your period start” so thought I would share the suggestions here…

  1. Ginger tea. ummm… yuck? (not a big ginger fan) but worth a go so the kettle is on now…
  2. Sex… hubby is out at a gig tonight but I plan to jump on him when he gets back (haha sorry TMI)
  3. Red meat – so its steak for tea!
  4. Exercise – It is thunderstorms outside so I might run up and down the stairs a few times
  5. Hot compress… so maybe drink my tea in the bath?
  6. Hang out with other women on their period. Just called my best friend and she seemed rather confused by my question… no luck there unfortunately!
  7. drink tropical juice – maybe I will mix some with the green tea to make it taste better…
  8. Parsley tea – right now this is turning into a bit of a cocktail! 🙂
  9. Reduce Stress. Maybe take the cat with me for a bath? although that might be more stressful. Have a cuddle later with the cat and read my book.
  10. Cinnamon tea… more tea! hope all the different drinks don’t react in some way!

So that is my plan for this evening… Fingers crossed that my period starts tomorrow. It’s such a strange thing to be thinking, I’ve never wanted it to start so much before in my life!


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