The First IVF Appointment

So we had our very first appointment at the clinic scheduled in for Monday 6th July. Very exciting times!

I was surprised at how fast it was happening, especially due to the delays that seemed to happen on the NHS – I should say surprised and a bit daunted, suddenly it feels very real that we might have a baby one day instead of this “dream” that it has been up to now!

Before our first appointment I had to go in for a scan, and a couple of blood tests. The scan confirmed my diagnosis – polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) so no surprises there. My hubby had to go in for a test as well to check his semen count and how well they swim.

The first appointment was much quicker than I thought it would be – we saw the nurse first, who talked us through the myriad of forms we had filled out and took our history.

We then saw the consultant – very nice, a bit “posh” (but we won’t hold that against him!) and was reassuring about the whole thing. He told us our chances are good because I am young, and have an OK AMH level for the moment and my hormones indicate that I will only need a “short cycle” or “short protocol” IVF treatment – at least at first. Apparently success rates are about 50% at this clinic, so its flip a coin time!

We also found out that we need to have ICSI .. this is where they give the sperm a bit of help in getting to the egg… and saw some pictures explaining it – it is quite amazing what they can do!

They explained to us that they use the extended blastocyst culture if possible – where they grow the embryos a couple more days in the lab if possible, which should give a higher success rate. So strange to know our future child might be 100-cells big inside a test tube!

The consultant also recommended that we both go on a low-carb, low-alcohol, low-caffeine diet until we manage to get pregnant – I’m so glad its both of us as I would really struggle to do it alone. Time for hubby to have to make some sacrifices too!

After seeing the consultant, we saw the nurse again to book in our “information” session – this is apparently a two hour session where the nurses talk you through everything and give you some counselling… so that’s booked in for the 13th August and looks like we’ll be starting the short protocol injections on the 21st-24th August! Not too far away at all – scary but exciting!


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