A Bit of History… 2007 to June 2015

This is just a bit of background to tell you how I got to where I am today – the countdown to my first round of IVF.

I first was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in 2007 when I was 22 years old due to irregular periods and other issues with my cycle. At the time I didn’t grasp the implications, I went on the pill to help give me periods, and that was that!

I got married at 26, and soon after we starting talking about kids. I did a bit of research at that time, and found out that PCOS is one of the leading causes of infertility – so I came off the pill, essentially so we could see what would (or wouldn’t) happen!

Fast-track 2 years to September 2013… after trying for so long we found out I was pregnant! Five days of joy and wonder and future planning before miscarrying at 9 weeks. It was devastating – and for a while I couldn’t look at babies, never mind think about having one.

It was January 2014 that we went to our GP, and got referred for infertility treatment on the NHS. After an 11 week wait (not too bad compared to some people!) we had our first appointment, and I started metformin to start to get my PCOS under control.

I lost a lot of weight in a very short amount of time (about 3 stone) and by January 2015 I was ready to start Clomid.

The idea behind Clomid is that it gets you to ovulate if you don’t already, due to PCOS or another condition and it worked for me at the lowest dose. The doctors were very positive but unfortunately after three cycles of Clomid there was still no pregnancy.

At that time I had a HyFoSy to check whether my tubes were open – and again another positive result.

Then came the news in May 2015 – I now had to wait at least 6 months for the next step of treatment on the NHS – which would be IVF.

Should I wait or should I go private? That was the dilemma. I am not a patient person, and I had got to the stage where I was frustrated with the lack of information coming from the NHS fertility clinic. I spoke to a lot of friends and family about what to do next.

Luckily, we have the financial support to go private – and that’s what we decided to do. In our area, we get one “free go” at the NHS so we can still use that at a later date if this first cycle does not work.

So we chose a private clinic (I’ll post a bit more on how we did that in the future), got referred by our GP and we’re now on route to IVF!

Exciting times ahead xxx

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